The ideal IT solution for every business

In 1992, today's partners and managing directors Sascha Häckel and Wilko Frenzel joined forces and initially formed Aagon Network and Communication Services out of an interest in communication networking via the Internet, which was still in its early stages at the time. Due to rapidly increasing demand and the need to secure liability and growth, the formerly hobby project became Aagon Network and Services GmbH four years later.

We break new ground in client management

As a result, as early as 1998, Aagon developed ACK, the first menu-driven, automatic operating system installation in Europe, which was soon replaced by the more powerful OSD, revolutionizing the field of software distribution solutions. The next milestone, the Client Management Platform ACMP, has been continuously refined and today includes 14 modules that make it easier for IT administrators in thousands of companies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to maintain and secure their company's IT landscape - in a centralized and automated way.

Success through collaboration

As an innovative and responsible employer, Aagon GmbH works closely with universities in the region and contributes to the training of young professionals. Since 2001, the company has offered specialized training as a recognized training company and has already been honored several times by the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce for its services to the promotion of young talent.

We speak the language of SMEs

Few terms stand for the strength of the German economy as much as "SME". In recent decades, Germany's SMEs have successfully established themselves as a "brand" around the world. As a report by the World Economic Forum shows, this also includes many "hidden champions", i.e. world market leaders that are relatively unknown. The point at which a company is counted as a medium-sized enterprise varies. What unites medium-sized companies, however, is their clear commitment to quality and efficiency.

Using high-performance solutions for optimization

We also feel bound by this commitment. As a medium-sized company with short decision-making paths, Aagon always optimizes its products to meet the needs and values of its customers. With the ACMP Suite, Aagon offers a powerful client management solution that is characterized above all by its high level of user-friendliness. ACMP Suite delivers fast results, is very flexible and thus precisely serves the needs of medium-sized companies. The product is modular, easy to understand and always remains performant.

From less than 100 to several thousand clients

Aagon focuses on the needs rather than the size of its customers. Both in companies with several thousand clients and in relatively small environments with less than a hundred employees, ACMP Suite always delivers the best results. Our software helps companies throughout the D-A-CH region to work securely, increase productivity and minimize costs, even across different locations. The many reference reports are proof of the visible successes. Aagon speaks the language of medium-sized companies, knows their concerns and challenges, and offers scalability as high as desired - regardless of the size of a company.

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