Why do you need software distribution?

In many cases, prompt and uncomplicated software distribution is necessary for security reasons. In particular, widely used solutions such as Java or Flash require rapid installation on the various target platforms. ACMP is designed so that you can automate software distribution in no time at all. Targeted software deployment ensures that users are provided with new and more secure programs quickly and easily.

The equipment of the client systems becomes more uniform, which makes user support much easier for the Helpdesk. The standardization of software equipment is a decisive step towards minimizing IT expenditures and ultimately costs.

Our product

ACMP integrates software distribution, patch management, and license management in a central interface – without any media or data breaks. Not all programs are based on standardized installation routines like MSI. Complex program packages and industry solutions often require manual setup by the administrator. Some manufacturers even go so far as to offer no warranty unless their application was installed via their installation mechanism. IT administrators who are using ACMP are also well-prepared for these special cases.

ACMP Desktop Automation helps you to automate routine tasks and master all challenges – from patch management to the configuration of a complete desktop deployment. ACMP AutoMATE allows for individualized desktop deployment. The automation software records an installation or a process and generates a customizable script from user input, mouse movements, and mouse clicks.

This script, which is centrally controlled and applied to target systems, installs software without any manual intervention as if the administrator had been sitting right there. 

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Overview of software distribution with ACMP Desktop Automation

  • Completion of all administrative tasks on server and client systems
  • Rapid automation of recurring tasks
  • Intuitive operation
  • Over 170 custom ClientCommands
  • Smooth integration of already-existing programs directly in ACMP
  • More depth and flexibility thanks to dynamic containers

Our recommendation

Software packages are the basis for software distribution. In addition to the individual packages, each company also has a larger number of standard applications that can be found in virtually every company. ACMP customers can avoid routine tasks like software composition, patching, and individual tests by using the Package Cloud.

Aagon provides over 80 different programs that the administrator can integrate directly into the own ACMP installation via a web portal. The quality-assured packages work on the basis of the ClientCommands as if the software manager had packaged them themself.

This allows users to receive security-relevant patches more quickly, which increases overall operational reliability. Why constantly reinvent the package? Users don't care where the software comes from as long as the quality and speed are up to snuff. The scope of the Package Cloud is constantly growing, and its composition is based on the wishes of our customers. We are also happy to accept your unique request – we trust our software.

ACMP Desktop Automation

Distribute software and automate routine tasks

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Seven good reasons for using ACMP as a client management solution

  • Over 20 years of experience in client management software "made in Germany" result in products from practice, for practice
  • Full purchasing flexibility
  • Tailored support
  • Full transparency as to which IT resources are currently in use
  • Avoidance of vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Webinars and other information offerings in addition to continuing education for IT managers.
  • ACMP is a 4-time champion in the Techconsult Professional User Rating 2021 IT Operations

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