Why use third-party patch management?

Third party patch management is useful for updates and software packages that would be too time-consuming to manage or create manually. This includes the numerous updates, patches, and new release versions.

To meet this challenge, Managed Software helps IT teams to carry out the relevant installations securely and reliably. This gives administrators more time to concentrate on their main tasks.

Our product

With pre-packaged software bundles for almost any third-party software, ACMP Managed Software makes it extremely easy to perform updates. ACMP Managed Software provides you a large selection of standard software packages. All security-critical updates are fully tested and provided in a quality-assured manner.

The distribution of software packages can be planned with the help of different test and release rings. This feature allows you to keep track of everything and integrate new packages securely into your existing environment.

Overview of ACMP Managed Software

  • Updates using pre-packaged software bundles for virtually any third-party software
  • Huge selection of different standard software packages
  • All security-relevant updates are fully tested and provided in a quality-assured manner
  • Various test and release rings ensure that the distribution of software packages can be planned
  • Easy management thanks to automatic cleanup function

Our recommendation

Clean-up automation allows you to easily manage software packages and determine when an outdated package should be removed. You can adjust the parameters to suit your requirements.

Constant monitoring and updating of the pre-built packages gives administrators more security and greater flexibility.

ACMP Managed Software

Automate third-party patchmanagement

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Seven good reasons for using ACMP as a client management solution

  • Over 20 years of experience in client management software "made in Germany" result in products from practice, for practice
  • Full purchasing flexibility
  • Tailored support
  • Full transparency as to which IT resources are currently in use
  • Avoidance of vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Webinars and other information offerings in addition to continuing education for IT managers.
  • ACMP is a 4-time champion in the Techconsult Professional User Rating 2021 IT Operations

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