Your challenge

Your company needs a flexible overview of all fixed and material assets. A constantly growing IT infrastructure, room inventories, or even a comprehensive fleet of vehicles are quite difficult to manage with Excel spreadsheets. Instead, they require a solution that can be expanded flexibly that not only allows existing data records to be imported, but also allows for verifiable status and usage changes.

You need a solution that not only maps the complete life cycle in a verifiable and transparent manner, but also provides precise and reliable answers to all questions concerning location, users, and individually determinable criteria for a large variety of people submitting questions at your company. This is the best way to achieve planning and decision-making reliability.

Our solution

Flexible Asset Management

Creating a reliable inventory of all fixed and material assets at your company, the flexible allocation of location, owner, and status of the same, and the option of placing them into logical groups are the most impressive aspects of the new ACMP Asset Management. In addition, the uncomplicated system management offers numerous other features.

Optimized asset management solution with numerous advantages

As optimized software for detecting all equipment and material assets, ACMP Asset Management not only provides numerous advantages for SMEs, but was also developed in direct dialog with our customers. This made it possible to include important changes even shortly before release, which makes ACMP Asset Management a very special module in ACMP.

ACMP Asset Management is not only fully integrated into the ACMP Suite as a further module, but is also a completely new approach in the area of asset management. Many of our customers expressed the desire for a smooth and efficient recording of their material IT assets. The focus of ACMP Asset Management is especially on the optimized use in companies that depend on flexible problem solutions and place special emphasis on easy handling.

Seamless integration of SNMP devices

With the new SNMP Connector, you can now read the data of all SNMP devices in your network and add them into ACMP Asset Management. Information on the status and functionality of up to 33 manufacturer codes is recorded. 
Our ambitious roadmap: Predefined credentials are used to automatically identify devices as SNMPv3. If this is not possible, SNMPv2 requests are automatically triggered during scanning to ensure full compatibility.

  • SNMP scan in optimized time
  • Data transfer possible (e.g., via on-demand dispatcher workflow)
  • Reads up to 33 different manufacturer codes
  • SNMPv1/v2/v3 compatibility


System administrators are thus always informed, whether it is about the printer toner level or the status of other peripheral devices. Find out more today!

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Edit an asset

Your advantages at a glance

  • One solution for all your company's fixed assets
  • Flexibly extendable by any number of individual tables and fields – independent of fixed format requirements
  • Fully integrated into existing IT structures
  • Easy importing of existing data records
  • Assignment of locations, cost centers, contacts, and many other items
  • Different user groups, i.e: visibility, access/editing restrictions
  • Guarantee data acquisition
  • Grouping assets/forming sets
  • Integrated report engine for reports of different people putting forward questions at the company
  • Transparent changes to statuses and usage (history)
  • Inclusive document management (contracts, invoices, manuals, scans, etc.)
  • Plausibility checks
  • Logical summary of assets at any time, as you need it
  • Easy bulk editing – change entire groups of assets quickly and easily
  • Lifecycle: purchase – operation – phasing-out of assets
  • Planning and decision-making security
  • Easy capture thanks to comprehensive template management

Our tip

ACMP is a modular client management solution. The different ACMP modules interlock like cogwheels and thus offer a holistic solution approach for the daily challenges of IT departments. This means that the combination of different modules results in impressive synergy effects for your IT. 

Asset management at a new level

The new ACMP app extends the ACMP client management solution with the possibility to inventory and manage all fixed and material assets which are managed in ACMP Asset Management securely and easily from your mobile device. The app is free for all ACMP Asset Management customers and is available for iOS and Android.


Mobile access to your assets

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ACMP Desktop Automation

Distribute software and automate routine tasks

Learn more


The unique fingerprint of your software

Learn more

ACMP Lizence Management

Control all software licenses

Learn more

ACMP Retired Clients

From purchase to decommissioning - the entire lifecycle in view

Learn more


Personalized access rights at all levels

Learn more

Mobile Devices Connector

Unified Endpoint Connection with AESB

Learn more

Any questions? We are happy to help you or make an appointment.

Seven good reasons for using ACMP as a client management solution

  • Over 20 years of experience in client management software "made in Germany" result in products from practice, for practice
  • Full purchasing flexibility
  • Tailored support
  • Full transparency as to which IT resources are currently in use
  • Avoidance of vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Webinars and other information offerings in addition to continuing education for IT managers.
  • ACMP is a 4-time champion in the Techconsult Professional User Rating 2021 IT Operations


Can I also store company-specific information about my assets?

Yes, you can also use user-defined fields for assets. This is especially useful for assets since each device type can have different specific properties.

Can I link assets with my inventoried computers or users?

Yes, it is possible to create links (relationships) between the individual data fields so that you can also determine which assets belong to which computer or user.

Is it possible to connect external data sources (e.g., MDM) to the asset management?

Yes, it is possible to build MDM interfaces via AESB (currently: Sophos MDM and MobileIron).

Can I see the progress of actions on assets in asset management?

Yes, every single action/modification on/to an asset is saved in a change history and can be viewed by the administrator.

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