Your challenge

As an IT administrator, you spend a lot of your time managing different updates and packaging software. With the vast number of available updates, patches, and new release versions, this can quickly become a mammoth task. Ever tighter time frames leave no time for more extensive testing for compatibility and vulnerabilities.

This increases costs and, above all, the time required for each individual case. IT departments are thus quickly reaching the limits of their capacity. 

Our solution

ACMP Managed Software now makes it possible to perform these updates using pre-packaged software bundles for a large variety of third-party software. A huge selection of different standard software packages are available to you. All security-relevant updates are fully tested and provided in a quality-assured manner.

Various test and release rings allow you to plan the distribution of the software packages. This way, you can keep track and make sure that the newly installed package in fact integrates smoothly into your IT environment without any nasty surprises.

Clean-up automation makes it easier for you to manage your software packages and determines when an outdated package should be deleted.

Special bonus: Each of the software packages can be modified as desired via its individual parameters and thus adapted to your needs. This lets you remain maximally flexible and your IT infrastructure maximally secure because the prefabricated packages are subject to constant monitoring and are kept up-to-date and expanded continuously.

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Your benefit with ACMP Managed Software

  • Third-party patch management
  • Quality-assured software packaging
  • Clear clean-up and parameter setting
  • Easy management of patches and software installations
  • 100 percent overview of all newly installed software packages
  • Maximum flexibility through individual adaptability

Our tip

ACMP is a modular client management solution. The different ACMP modules interlock like cogwheels and thus offer a holistic solution approach for the daily challenges of IT departments. This means that the combination of different modules results in impressive synergy effects for your IT.

ACMP managed software allows you patch management with pre-packaged software bundles for almost any third-party application. This ensures that all clients in the company are always up-to-date.

ACMP Inventory

The complete overview for hard- and software

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ACMP Desktop Automation

Distribute software and automate routine tasks

Learn more

ACMP Lizence Management

Control all software licenses

Learn more

Vulnerability Management

Secure back doors and protect your own IT

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Seven good reasons for using ACMP as a client management solution

  • Over 20 years of experience in client management software "made in Germany" result in products from practice, for practice
  • Full purchasing flexibility
  • Tailored support
  • Full transparency as to which IT resources are currently in use
  • Avoidance of vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Webinars and other information offerings in addition to continuing education for IT managers.
  • ACMP is a 4-time champion in the Techconsult Professional User Rating 2021 IT Operations


Can my clients be kept up-to-date automatically?

Yes, clients can be supplied with current versions of software with ACMP Managed Software.

Can packages also be distributed manually?

Yes, the jobs can be distributed manually and additionally with a timing via the push function of ACMP.

Can distributed packages be uninstalled again?

Yes, all packages can also be uninstalled again.

Can a rollback be made in an emergency?

Yes, by a combination of uninstalling and installation immediately thereafter.

What are distribution rings?

Using the distribution rings or test rings, the packages can be tested in up to three stages on a few computers before being distributed to all computers automatically if desired.

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