It all starts with the management of your IT. Gain an overview of your complete IT landscape with all relevant data. Manage all your IT assets and provide the right support for users. Avoid hidden costs, over-licensing, and legal fees and enable seamless and productive work from your Homeoffice.

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Managen & verwalten

Manage and distribute

Reliable IT management is one of the most important tasks of administrators. Distribute software easily – from standard software to individual programs. Manage and control the operating system distribution or organize the easy migration to a new operating system. Ensure secure and fast Windows update management and automate your third-party patch management.

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ACMP ensures through various interfaces that the client management solution integrates everywhere into your existing IT landscape. You can manage access rights within the ACMP Console and define permissions of location administrators in detail thanks to the client capability in ACMP.

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IT-Sicherheit und Green IT

IT Security and Green IT

Effective vulnerability management helps you to ensure that critical security gaps in your IT are detected before they become a problem. With ACMP, you can help to reduce costs and improve the environmental footprint of your company. Modern IT documentation can help you to fully document the client life cycle and thus save time.

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