Your challenge

The larger the IT infrastructure of a company becomes, the more confusing the tangle of hardware and software used gets. Countless different hardware assets and software versions are in use. IT administrators who want to install software in a standardized manner often have to guess and struggle with different configurations, which in the worst case are not compatible with each other.

"Wildly used" hardware, which is brought into the company by employees in the form of USB sticks, smartphones, and other mobile devices, also poses a security risk. Therefore, there is a great need for a clear overview of the status of the software.

Our Solution

ACMP Inventory is our solution for inventorying hardware data and operating systems. At the same time ACMP Inventory is the basis for the modular solutions ACMP Desktop Automation (Client Management), License Management, Security Detective (Virus Protection Control) and the Helpdesk (Ticket Management). The inventory is the foundation for a successful endpoint management with ACMP.

Basis of successful Client Management

For network-wide inventory ACMP pushes or distributes a small software agent to each client. The client software maintains the rhythmic communication between the local computer and the ACMP server and delivers in freely definable intervals inventory data to the server and receives orders in the other direction. Already after a few moments over 150 hardware data and all details of the Windows installation are available on the server.

ACMP uses the standards "Windows Management Instrumentation" (WMI) and the "Simple Network Management Protocol" (SNMP) to obtain information. The connection between the agent and the database on the ACMP server is always via a secure connection. Not every client gets access to the database, but only the ACMP server. The control always takes place via a modern and central console by the administrator.

Use without software agent
Administrators do not always want to install a software agent permanently. However, we have developed the OneScan Client to provide all the details about a computer. Once started, it collects and transmits the information to the database and disappears without a trace from the hard drive.

Sort, Group, and Filter
Only rarely will the IT administrator be interested in all the details. With a few mouse clicks the IT professional ensures that ACMP only displays the targeted results of the inventoried data. Via drag & drop the administrator structures, groups or nests the desired results in real time.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Complete inventorisation of all hardware and software
  • Easy overview
  • Come with Report Engine
  • Central integration into the Client Management Console
  • Modular expandable
  • Visible results after a few days
  • Capture all clients in your company
  • Integration into other modules
  • Basis for for professional Client Management with ACMP

Our tip

ACMP is a modular client management solution. The different ACMP modules interlock like gears and thus offer a comprehensive solution for the daily challenges of IT departments. This means that the combination of different modules results in impressive synergy effects for your IT.

ACMP Inventory serves as basis for the Client Management Suite ACMP and is your most powerful tool for the fully automated collection and presentation of information of your hard- and software in the central ACMP database.


Mobile access to your assets

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The unique fingerprint of your software

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ACMP Lizence Management

Control all software licenses

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Interfaces to ACMP

Client Management in all aspects of IT

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7 best reasons to use ACMP as Client Management solution

  • Over 20 years of experience in Client Management "Software made in Germany" result in products from practice for practice
  • Complete flexibility in acquisition
  • Tailor-made support
  • Full transparency of which IT resources are currently in use
  • Avoidance of vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Webinars and other information and further training courses for IT managers.
  • ACMP is a 4-time champion in the Techconsult Professional User Rating 2021 IT Operations


Can operating systems other than Windows be inventoried?

ACMP also supports inventarisation of Linux and Macintosh Systemen.

Can the inventory database be extended?

Yes, ACMP has an open system to create own fields in the database.

What kind of information can be inventoried?

You can take a comprehensive inventory of all information (hardware, software, patch and security status, ...) of a computer.

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